I just got my first request for a partial ms from an agent!  They want the first three chapters and a synopsis.  I can’t believe it!  I’m flabbergasted.  It’s only the third agent I’ve heard from.  I know that I’m not guaranteed anything, but it’s soo exciting anyways!  And just a few minutes ago I was thinking life was too f***ing hard…

See, that’s why you always have to remain positive.

I’ll keep you posted once/ if I hear back from the agent once I send the chapters.

NANO: 14,759 words, 10 chapters!

7 thoughts on “YAY!

    1. I feel so used…

      Haha, I already deleted your old blog and added the new one to the blogroll. I haven’t had time to read through it (trying to work on my synopsis right now) but I will sometime this week!

  1. Ha! Sorry for the tester. I had to do that on a blog besides my own, and now I can’t delete it. 😀

    Excellent work on NaNo!!

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