What’s on Page 45


Take the time today to hop around to the participating blogs to learn a little about each author’s books.  We’re going to be describing, in the most titillating fashion we can think of, what happens on Page 45.

Twenty-Five‘s page 45 is awesome, of course, but I’m going to describe Honor’s Lark‘s page 45 for you, because Honor really needs some love.  She’s had a rough year… or thirty rough years, really.  If you’re interested in what happens, perhaps you’ll want to scoot over to Amazon and pick up a copy for yourself or a friend… or thirty friends, maybe?

*This description is from the page 45 of the paperback edition of the book.  E-book pages will vary.*

Setup – Honor’s Lark is about a world where every individual is born with a birth mark that matches another individuals, i.e. their life mate.  They have an instinctual pull that helps them find their mate.  Poor Honor is looking at spinsterhood at the ripe old age of 30, having never found her mate and not sure why.  A new man enters her life (her boss Sedric) who helps her begin to understand what love truly is.

On page 45, Honor and Sedric are having a drink at a bar.  They are traveling for work and Honor’s just gotten some really great news that made her feel like crap.  He’s trying to get her to open up; he wants to be her friend.  They are really just feeling each other out.  One of my very favorite quotes from the whole book is on this page:

H Lark quote

Honor uses lies and sarcasm to shield herself from a world where she doesn’t feel she belongs.  Sedric calls her on her bullshit.  It’s fantastic, really 🙂

This scene is the first time Honor feels empathy for another character in the book.  She takes a long hard look at another person and realizes that maybe, just maybe, someone could understand her.  So she tries to understand him.

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