Holy Crap!

Holy crap, I just submitted my first query letter to an agent.

Holy crap.  I hit the send button and immediately a wave of panic came over me.  I’m seriously attempting to get an agent for my book?  It’s too long.  It doesn’t have a unique plot.  Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap.

I can’t believe I hit the send button.  No going back, now, though.  I read through the agents blog for a while before I sent the letter.  I made sure I only sent what the agent asked for.  But now it’s a waiting game.  I’m glad my goal for November is just one a day.  If I have a panic attack every time I hit the send button there’s no way I can do more than one a day.

I know the likelihood of getting requests for pages or partials or (holy crap!) the full ms is slim, especially for the first couple of letters I send out, but the thought of rejection is still incredibly scary.  But, on the bright side, most successful authors are rejected a ton of times before they get an agent or a publisher.  So…

Let the rejection begin!