“T” is for Treasure Planet

source: movies.disney.com
source: movies.disney.com

Watched: March 18, 2015 on Netflix

Hashtag: #WatchingTreasure Planet

Year Released: 2002

Genre: Animated – Kids

Starring: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Emma Thompson, David Hyde Pierce

Run Time: 95 minutes

Description (from Google): The legendary “loot of a thousand worlds” inspires an intergalactic treasure hunt when 15-year-old Jim Hawkins stumbles upon a map to the greatest pirate trove in the universe in Walt Disney Pictures’ thrilling animated space adventure, “Treasure Planet.” Based on one of the greatest adventure stories ever told – Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” – this film follows Jim’s fantastic journey across a parallel universe as a cabin boy aboard a glittering space galleon.


source: rebloggy.com
source: rebloggy.com

The visuals in this movie were pretty stunning – Disney’s idea of space and flying ships and dying stars are just lovely.  That’s about the extent of my positive feelings, though.  The story felt clunky, the characters felt one-dimensional (Jim, Doppler, Captain Amelia, Sarah) or way-too-dimensional (John Silver).  Most of my tweets throughout the movie were along the lines, “So the cyborg is a villain?” “Oh, wait, he’s not.” “Nope, he definitely is.”  I can definitely see why this film hasn’t become a Disney classic in the vein of The Lion King, Aladdin, or The Little Mermaid. It was just missing the spark of magic.  Also, the side characters, which Disney usually does so well, were annoying and added nothing to the plot.  Hard pass on watching again.


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