“G” is for Good Morning, Vietnam

source: rogerebert.com
source: rogerebert.com

Watched: March 21, 2015 on Netflix

Hashtag: #WatchingGoodAMVietnam

Year Released: 1987

Genre: Dramedy?

Starring: Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker

Run Time: 121 minutes

Description (from IMDb): An unorthodox and irreverent DJ begins to shake up things when he is assigned to the US Armed Services Radio station in Vietnam.

source: tumblr.com
source: tumblr.com

The first half of this movie was really funny – I laughed aloud several times and the most of my tweets were just quotes from the film.  Unfortunately, there were also several dramatic moments, especially in the latter half, which made the story feel uneven.  I realize it’s a movie about war, but it didn’t weigh the comedic and dramatic moments equally, making the drama feel shallow.

I’m finding it very interesting as I watch some of these older movies the evident lack of respect for women.  A few years ago, I probably wouldn’t have noticed at all.  It would have been just another movie, just another group of guys being guys, but I DO notice now.  And it bothers me.  I want to watch a movie where there are an equal number of male and female named characters.  Where every woman a man looks at doesn’t immediately become his next sexual conquest.  Ideally, I’ll watch a lot of movies like that during my lifetime.  One thing’s for sure, Good Morning, Vietnam was not that movie.  It doesn’t even come close to passing the Bechdel test.

Here’s a sampling of some of my tweets while watching the movie:


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