“S” is for The Silence of the Lambs

source: lipmag.com
source: lipmag.com

Watched: April 19, 2015 on Netflix

Hashtag: #WatchingSilenceoftheLambs

Year Released: 1991

Genre: Thriller

Starring: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins

Run Time: 118 minutes

Description (from IMDb): A young F.B.I. cadet must confide in an incarcerated and manipulative killer to receive his help on catching another serial killer who skins his victims.

There will be no gifs or funny pictures for this post, because this movie is too disturbing to produce any.

This was the one movie I was most concerned about watching because I do NOT do horror, but luckily it was definitely more of a thriller.  I think I had the misconception because I read somewhere that it was the only horror film to win the Oscar for Best Picture.  It was definitely CREEPY, though, even if it wasn’t really scary.

It was a very good movie, and I definitely understand the hype, but I do wish the case against Buffalo Bill had been more of a focus.  In the first half of the movie, it seemed more like an afterthought.  I also never fully understood why the FBI would send in a cadet to deal with Hannibal Lecter, that part just didn’t feel believable.  Even if she was his type.

All, in all, though, I give it 2 thumbs up.  Very well made and interesting to watch.  I only had a few moments where I had to look away from the screen (the poor cops – you know what I’m talking about).


I actually didn’t have a lot of tweets for this movie, but if you do want to see the rest of them, follow me on Twitter @RLHammAuthor and search for #WatchingSilenceoftheLambs

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