25 Chapters in 15 Days

Okay.  So NANO (National Novel Writing Month) begins on November 1.  That means there are 15 days (counting today) to prepare for the Novel-in-a-Month challenge.

No sweat, right?

Um, not exactly.  You see, I want to have the second draft of my novel, Twenty-Five, finished before I begin working on any other projects.  And NANO is definitely a project.  In order to finish my second draft I have to edit, rewrite, or write from scratch 25 chapters and polish up the 23 chapters I’ve already edited/rewritten.

Holy Shit!

25 chapters in 15 days is probably the most ambitious goal I’ve had for myself since I started writing back in March.  And it means that I may neglect some of my friends whose work I try and review on a regular basis.  But what other option do I have?  It’s only two weeks and then I’ll be back to reviewing like normal, plus writing a 50,000 word novel!

I’m going to make a schedule and it is up to YOU to hold me accountable!

Today, Saturday October 17: Chapters 24-25

Sunday, October 18 (I have the day off!!): Chapters 26-30

Monday, October 19: Chapter 31-32

Tuesday, October 20: Chapter 33

Wednesday, October 21 (Another day off!): Chapter 34-39

Thursday, October 22: Chapter 40

Friday, October 23 (Day off, yippee!): Chapter 41-45

Saturday, October 24: Chapter 46

Sunday, October 25: Chapter 47

Monday, October 26: Chapter 48, Epilogue

Tuesday, October 27: Grammar, spelling, suggestions from reviewers edit of chapters 1-10

Wednesday, October 28: Grammar, spelling, suggestions from reviewers edit of chapters 11-20

Thursday, October 29: Grammar, spelling, suggestions from reviewers edit of chapters 21-30

Friday, October 30: Grammar, spelling, suggestions from reviewers edit of chapters 31-40

Saturday, October 31: Grammar, spelling, suggestions from reviewers edit of chapters 41-Epilogue

My 15 days of major rewriting starts right NOW!

3 thoughts on “25 Chapters in 15 Days

  1. That’s quite a list!

    Very best of luck to you with it.

    You’ve inspired me to create a few lists of my own! I’m afraid I haven’t time for Nano this year, but I could schedule out my upcoming homework assignments (there are many!!), the planetarian trips, the Civil War battlefield, the blog, and an hour a day on the novel.

    Wish I had something to edit! I’ve only got one sad, raggedy chapter. 😀

    Inspiring you are, Miss Rachel! You write like the wind! And some smashing scenes, at that.


  2. Rach – It always amazes me how organized you are! I wish I could set it out like that. My plan for NANO is to finish Janie before the first. Except I have no clue where it’s going and no clue how much more there is to go!!

    I’ll try to keep up with reviewing for you!

    🙂 Ang

  3. Rach,

    I don’t envy you. 🙂 I’m thinking right now that I might still not be able to do NaNo.

    As to your obligations to other people, a wise writer once told me. Deal with your responsibilities to yourself first. Then, you can help others around you. Your work ALWAYS comes first. I know it sounds selfish, but every time I have a deadline and I’m tempted to wander away to review, I remember that and get back to work.


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