One Hour To Go…

NANO officially begins for me here on the East Coast in one hour.  I’m stoked!  I can’t wait to begin.  I’ve had little ideas for my project running in and around my head for weeks and I’ll finally get to put them down on paper.  I’m excited to finally start getting to know my characters.


On a completely separate note, I sent my book, Twenty-Five, to three of my friends to read.  I got an email from one of them, Madison, today.  Here’s what she said:

WOW Rachel! Just WOW! I finished the book this morning (I would have finished it last night but Justin MADE me stop reading). It was sooooooooo good. I can tell you really spent time and enjoyed writing it. I had a little trouble getting started with it. I read the first few chapters but wasn’t fully involved. But after my third day of reading I got so engrossed into the story and the characters. It got to the point last night that I got mad at Justin for interrupting my reading. The story was just amazing! I’m so proud of you! The characters are very interesting and they stay true to themselves throughout the story. And you had so many twists and turns I was not at all expecting. Overall, I think it’s a great love story and anyone would be blessed to read it. I tried to make Justin read it, but he doesn’t read =( I would love to see it published and even then made into a movie. I think it was excellent. If you have any specific questions for me about things, please don’t hesitate to ask.

On a side note, I loved how Abby was similar to you and you followed your heart finding your Mr. Darcy (I almost laugh cried when they read their vows!). I also love that you made a Madi, even if she was a slut.

Congrats and I hope so much they publish this!!!! I”ll totally go buy a copy and make everyone read it!

Pretty much a glowing review!  I’m sooo happy that someone I actually know has read it and liked it.  It’s huge for me.  It feels huge for me anyways.

And tomorrow I’m going to start sending letters to agents.  SUPER HUGE.  I don’t know if there’s an agent out there willing to take a chance on a book without a unique plot and story and which is completely gimmick-less, but here’s hoping.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

So this post ended up being about Twenty-Five and not NANO.  Oh well.  47 minutes to go now.  I’ll keep you updated on my NANO progress and my agent querying process.