“N” is for The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

source: flickeringmyth.com
source: flickeringmyth.com

Watched: April 12, 2015

Hashtag: #WatchingNakedGun

Year Released: 1988

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Leslie Nielson, Priscilla Presley, OJ Simson (Yes, THAT OJ Simpson)

Run Time: 85 minutes

Description (from IMDb): Incompetent cop Frank Drebin has to foil an attempt to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II.

source: karmajello.com
source: karmajello.com

I was a little too tired while watching this movie to fully appreciate it, but I really enjoyed it.  For a dumb film, it does a lot of smart things with humor.  The visual gags come one after another and Frank’s lovable stupidity feels like a precursor to 00 comedies like The Office and 30 Rock.  Now that I know that there are 3 Naked Gun movies, I’ll definitely be checking out the next two.  Good, stupid, unwholesome fun!

My favorite visual gag was definitely the “chalk” outline of a body floating in the water at a crime scene, and Frank walking around a wall while his colleagues went through a door is a close second.  I’m looking forward to watching again and catching more gags I missed the first time.

source: karmajello.com
source: karmajello.com



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