Self-Esteem Boost of the Day

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I had a really random weekend.  I had to work at the orthodontist’s on Friday, which I don’t usually do because we are typically off on Fridays.  On my lunch break I had to call all of the vendors for the wedding I’m working on the 24th.

Then on Saturday I drove to Durham to my boss’s house so we could ride to Asheville together for a seminar today.  Stupid us didn’t realize until I was already at her house that my house in Burlington is on the way to Asheville, so I drove an extra 45 minutes for no reason!

So today we went to the seminar and it was really a great class.  We learned about personality types and how we should approach selling ourselves to the different types of personalities thanks to Samantha Goldberg.  Then Mark Kingsdorf taught us about marketing our business and branding ourselves and I won a free hour consultation with him for our business!  SWEET!

Plus, Sam and I have decided to start a blog for Bliss by Sam.  We’re going to launch it next month and it’s going to be called Daring, Devoted, which is our company slogan.  Sam, our assistant Ali, and I are each going to be writing articles and we’ll be posting once a week.  My articles are going to be called: “So You Think You’re That Devoted…” and are going to be all about the aspects of wedding planning that really shouldn’t be DIY and every once and a while will include something that can easily be DIY.  Other recurring articles will be called “How Dare You,” “I Dare You To,” and “I Second that Devotion.”  I’m excited to get started on it and will of course link to it when it’s ready.

Now, on to the reason for the title of today’s post.  We left Ashville at 4:00 today and I drove all the way back to Durham, picked up my car and headed back to Burlington.  I stopped in Mebane to get some dinner at my favorite restaurant because I was tired and didn’t want to be driving anymore and I just wanted a little “alone” time since I’d been hanging out with my boss for the past 28 hours straight.  I got a booth for one, ordered my meal, and pulled out my book.  After the server brought my food and refilled my drink he stopped and said, “You know, I just have to say, you’re really beautiful.”

Whoa.  Ok, so I had just put two french fries in my mouth and I couldn’t really respond, but I could feel my cheeks just burning and he kept talking.  “You’re sitting there, reading your book with your cute little reading glasses…”

All I managed to mumble was “thank you,” and then he walked away.  Then when he came back a little later he asked me how old I am, and I told him 25.  He said something like, “Well you still have it going on,” or something like that.  I said, “Still?  25’s not old!”

He said, “No, but I’m 21.  Well, almost 21.”

Then when he brought me my check, he said, “We’re not supposed to do this, but if you want to leave me your number I’ll give you a call sometime.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that point, it was just so ridiculous.  No guy has ever asked for my number, and here’s this kid server who’s probably just trying to get a bigger tip out of me asking for it!  I told him that he needed to work on turning 21 first and then maybe we’d talk.

He didn’t let up!  He said, “I’ll be 21 in June!”

And my birthday’s in June, too, so I told him that and he asked me when it was, and I told him and he said his was on the same day.  I think he really was lying about that, but it was just so funny.  I laughed all the way home.  I’m going to think about this little encounter the rest of the week anytime that I’m feeling a little down on myself.  It was just so random and ridiculous!  But, it makes me feel good about myself all the same!

Now your turn- share your most random “I got hit on” stories in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Self-Esteem Boost of the Day

  1. I have to say- the boy has courage! 🙂
    hmm my random “I got hit on” story would have to be the “bus stop” story. This young guy (maybe younger than me) asked me the time, where this bus we were waiting for was headed, what I was studying at the school and then that he was very glad he was getting on the same bus with me!
    The really weird part- as soon as we got on the bus he pretended I didn’t exist haha 🙂

  2. Not just courage, he meant it. Here are some insights from a guy:

    When a guy is charming for a tip, he’s subtle. We learn that by starting with “over subtle to the point of imperceptible” and working up to “slightly more charming than we’d be on an average day” because going over the top never works.

    The fact that he a) told you his age even though it wouldn’t help his cause (and no 20-year-old thinks being 20 helps his cause) and that b) he was persistent with the compliment even after you shot him down gently (because if he didn’t mean it his pride would take the gentle out) means that he 100% hit on you because you had that indefinable, ineffable, invaluable “something” that hit his buttons.

    I wasn’t there, and I didn’t hear the conversation, but based on what you’ve said here, I’m 100% sure he was as serious as a broken heart.

  3. thank you bad pants. I wouldn’t have thought about it like that, but then again, I’m not a guy and shouldn’t pretend to understand how guys think. Makes me smile to think someone actually thought that about me…

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