What the Hell

I’m entering a contest.  A writing contest.  SCARY.  The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

I know that I am not going to win this thing.  It’s a 1 in 5000 shot.  Literally, they accept 5000 entries and choose one winner.  There’s no way I have the talent or luck to make it.  I spent days, no, weeks, convincing myself not to enter because there was no point.  But tonight I said to myself, four hours before the site was open to entries (10 minutes and counting right now), “What the hell?  You have nothing to lose!”

Why can’t I think and act like that more often?  I never have anything to lose, and yet I live my life in constant fear of failure and rejection.  I stop myself from truly living, from taking risks and going after the things I really want because there’s no scariness in the status quo.  There’s nothing to be afraid of when you never try for anything.

So, my new motto: What the hell.  Give it a whirl.  What can it hurt?

When I get hurt, well, that will be another story.

6 thoughts on “What the Hell

  1. Hi Rach!

    I’m loving your blog. It’s beautiful.

    Good luck on the contest! All the best. I want someone from tNBW to win. 🙂

    hey, I didn’t know you were a single mum. Awesome Responsibility – and challenging. and I should know.

    take care

  2. LOL!!!

    I’m sorry I misread something! you aren’t a mum at all!
    I’m cacking myself.
    poor thing.

    I’m toooo oldd


  3. Good Luck Rach! I love Twenty-Five and I know that one day you’ll find the right agent for it! I entered and I figure I really just need to see if my pitch/query is any good. If I can’t make the first round then I know what I need to fix 🙂

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