I’m having an “I Suck” day

So a while back I posted that I kept writing because I thought I was good at it.

Today I’m not so sure. Today I pretty much think I suck. I think about the very talented writers I’ve gotten to know in the past nine months and I realize how crap I am.

My book sucks. It’s never going to get published. 18 agents have seen my query letter. Only one wanted to see more. And once they saw more, they rejected it. My book sucks.

I’ve started writing five other books. They suck. And for some reason I can’t seem to finish them. My writing just sucks.

Will I ever not suck? I hope so. But if I can’t finish another book, how will I ever get to the point where I don’t suck?

I’m feeling really chicken about starting more edits on Twenty-Five. I love the story, but if the writing sucks, why bother? If no agent is ever going to be interested in it, then why spend the little free time I have trying to make it perfect? It won’t be perfect, because I’m not perfect. Because I suck.

4 thoughts on “I’m having an “I Suck” day

  1. rachel, i read twenty five, it doesn’t suck. your writing doesn’t suck. your story captivated me and pulled me in. and you’ve had agents tell you it doesn’t suck. believe them. it will take time, sure, but that doesn’t mean what you’re doing is not good. you have talent, and it shows. keep it up and try and remember that on your “suck days”.

  2. holy sucktitude! If you let 18 agent rejections let you believe your book sucks, you will never get published, and I mean that in a good way!

    Do you need the numbers perspective again? Okay, here goes: 50+ rejections, 30+ no replies, 1 Full manuscript rejection, 1 Full manuscript rejection on a second-round read, and one still pending, which equals…HOPE! It’s hope based on a possible 1.3% success rate, but I sure as hell am not throwing in the towel!

    Neither should you! You just have to find the one agent, out of all the others, who will fall in love with the story as so many other of your readers have. And in the meantime I think it’s FANTASTIC that you are writing other novels…YAY!

    Love you!

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