Whenever I have work I have to do, or a goal I’ve set for myself to meet, inevitably I will procrastinate down to the last possible minute.  Anyone else out there like me?  What are your favorite methods of procrastination?  Here are mine:

PACMAN. Oh my goodness, I love playing Pacman online.  Here’s a free site: Pacman


Facebook. I know, its so sad to stalk your friends and people you haven’t talked to in years, but still its a helluva lot of fun.

The forums on TNBW.

Re-reading my writing. For some reason rather than doing any actual writing, I will spend half-hours at a time reading over chapters I’ve just finished.  It’s not so I get to know the story better.  It’s because I think I’m going to suck at the next thing I write.  That’s really why I procrastinate!  I’m afraid that the next thing I’m going to put down on the paper is going to be so horrible that I’ll ruin everything that’s come before it!

How to prevent that fear?  I don’t know.  Keep writing, I guess.  Put it out there in the universe.  Realize that something is going to suck at some point and that maybe something else is going to be phenomenal.  And that when something sucks it can be fixed.  Or I can at least attempt to fix it.

Oh, I forgot a new thing I’ve been doing to procrastinate.


7 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Har! You forgot the Sims 3, which is my naughty pleasure. That’s story-writing without the pressure.

    I reread my work too! For exactly the same reason.

    We should have a procrastinate-off — see who can go the longest stalling.

    I’m checking out Pacman!

  2. Hey Rach, your blog kicks arse! 🙂 Now i love this procrastination game…hmm…for me it is TV, DVD’s, lately catching up on old seasons of Top Chef (so addictive!), TNBW forums, and OMG this “Absolute Write” forum I just found…have you seen this thing? SO many threads you could be there for hours and hours…and real agents with threads on there, background checks on like every agency…the answer to EVERY question you’ve probably ever had…and don’t get me wrong I still LOVE TNBW, and you can’t workshop on “Absolute Write”, but OMG it’s been eating my time! 😉

    Okay, and also blogging of course, which I’m doing now…haha…

    1. Oh my God, I LOVE Top Chef!!! I watched it like all day yesterday when I was working on my rewrites. There was a Restaurant Wars marathon on Bravo. I’m definitely going to check out Absolute Write! I’m excited about it now!

      Why were we not friends sooner, Romi? you crack me up!

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