Just One of the Boys

So, this past weekend I went to Greensboro to hang out with my friend Jay and play Texas Hold’em with him and some of his friends.  I assumed, for reasons unknown to me, that there would be other girls playing, too.  Well, you know what happens when one assumes things…  There were no other girls.  Just me and ten guys split up at two different tables to kick things off.  I started off pretty well, splitting the first pot with Jay, and things just kept getting better from there.  We started playing around 8ish with most of the players buying in for $5.00.  By 9:00, my stack of chips looked like this:

This was probably a gain of a few bucks, but I didn’t have a total count at that point.  I just knew that my fortress of chips, as Jay so lovingly referred to it, was larger than anyone else’s at that point in the game.  And there was only one point throughout the night where I thought it was possible my chip lead had been taken away.  That’s right, my friends, Rachel Hamm the lone girl in a sea of testosterone kicked some serious ass at poker.

It’s funny.  When you are just “one of the guys” not only do you realize how different men and women are, but you also realize how utterly UN-intimidating most normal guys are.  I had a blast teasing them and bantering about how I was going to take all their money.  At first it was just out of fun, but then it became strategy; I was so cocky I threw them off their game.  At least, I like to think it worked out that way.

So, moral of the story is, when you aren’t trying to date said boys, they become a lot more fun to hang out with!

My final chip fortress (I walked away with $17.50):


Oh, and as a shout out to Jay, who told me that this blog is beautifully written (thanks for the friendly lie and self-esteem boost, friend)- here’s a link to his brand new blog Mad Season.

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