Bad Link

Unfortunately, I just realized that the link I had on my previous post with my on-air debut had been re-routed to another clip, presumably from the next week’s show.  I apologize to anyone who clicked on it expecting to hear me who was unable to do so.  Most unfortunately, I cannot seem to locate my clip now, so I guess neither myself nor anyone else will ever be able to hear me on the radio again.  Bummer.

6 thoughts on “Bad Link

  1. The link I used worked perfectly well and it was YOU talking about your four jobs and your book….Sad that it got rerouted for your interview was very well done.

    1. yeah, it must have worked for about a week, because I clicked on it several times. I’m bummed that it’s gone, but I guess that’s what happens to 15 minutes of fame. It fades as quickly as it came.

  2. Yeah, that explains that…the clip I listened to was a couple of girls talking about first kisses, mono, spring break, and dodging some other inappropriate questions from the host.

    Hopefully for you next broadcast debut we can download and preserve the recording for posterity!

    1. sorry about that, BP. I talked about my three jobs, my book, the time a woman brought a hamster to a wedding I was working (true story), my asymmetrical toes, and Bob tried to figure out why I didn’t have a boyfriend. story of my life, bob. story of my life.

      1. This is going to sound dumb, but I was most confused about how it was that a first kiss=mono story hadn’t already been blogged…then I realized that it probably wasn’t the right clip.

      2. haha, well, it could have been me because I don’t really have talk about past experiences and I know I haven’t ever blogged about my first kiss, but I’ve never had mono, so… yeah. definitely wasn’t me.

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