I Had a Bad Day

I found myself crying today while visiting friends.  I realize this really isn’t a new phenomenon, but I haven’t cried in over a month.  Things had been going so well, but today, well, it was just a bad day.

Everyone has bad days.  My friends were having a really bad day, too, so while I did feel a little guilty for crying and making a spectacle of myself in front of them, I didn’t feel as guilty as I normally would have because they understood that some days are just really crappy.

I don’t want to go into what made it a crappy day, it was a lot of things, really, but nothing of significance or importance.  Nothing in my life is.  I live the most mundane, insignificant existence of anyone I’ve ever known.  But I thought writing it down and getting it out in the universe might help me feel better.  Purge the crap, if you will.

Because I don’t want tomorrow to be a bad day. I hate being this person who is cranky and can’t focus on anything positive.  So, deep breath.  And another one.

I’m going to bed.  Hopefully I won’t keep myself awake tossing and turning over the wretchedness of the day and my behavior and hopefully if I dream, it will be of Eric Bana, who I’ve decided is my new future husband.  Good night and God bless you for reading this horribly self-indulgent pity-party of a post.

Unfortunately, I don’t pay for the right to post videos on my blog, so you’ll just have to follow this link to see the music video of Daniel Powter’s one-hit wonder “Bad Day”

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