I’m Going to Write a Second Book This Year, I’m Going to Write a Second Book This Year

I’m going to write a second book this year.  I’M GOING TO WRITE A SECOND BOOK THIS YEAR!


I’ve been really slack about writing for at least the past twelve months.  I lost all faith in myself and my writing abilities and I couldn’t seem to find a story where I liked the characters enough to want to get to know them.  I kept telling myself that writing Twenty-Five was a fluke and that I’d never be able to write another book because I don’t have what it takes.  That Twenty-Five was the only story inside me.


But I’m determined.  I want to write.  I want to be someone and do something.  I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself that I’m in debt and stuck in a dead-end job and living with my parents.  When I was writing and editing Twenty-Five back in 2009, I felt like I was moving forward and doing something with my life.  I don’t know why I let that momentum slip away.  Fear of rejection and failure, I guess.  Fear that the nagging thought of “I’m not good enough” would be confirmed.


But that’s all bull shit.  In the end it doesn’t matter if I’m never published or if no one else reads what I write.  If I’m happy with it, if it makes me happy, then everything else is inconsequential.


In order to boost this determination and momentum that I’m feeling right now, I’ve gathered some books and tools to help me make 2011 the year of my second novel.


Candice at I Don’t Want To Write! posted a character profile a few days ago that I’m hoping will help me develop real, complex characters.



I’ve started reading the weekend novelist by Robert J. Ray and Bret Norris and while I don’t plan to actually use it only weekend by weekend, so far it’s giving me some great tips on plotting and I’m only on page 34.


Creating Unforgettable Characters by Linda Seger.  I began reading this last year, but never finished.  I think I found it too much work, honestly.  But I know that’s what it takes to create an unforgettable character.  Work.  Hard Work.  So I’m going to work harder.


On Writing Well by William Zinsser.  I haven’t read any of this book yet, but I’m excited to!  It’s meant for nonfiction, but I think the techniques for writing good nonfiction are the same as writing fiction, but nonfiction is more difficult!  Hopefully if I can master nonfiction than fiction will be a breeze!






And for fun, I bought How I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely.  It’s a fictional account of how one man tries to become rich and famous by writing a best-seller.  I wouldn’t mind being rich and famous (obviously) but I don’t think I ever will be.  I bought the book because I’m hoping it will help me see writing with a more comical and lighthearted view and not take myself so seriously.


I also plan on reading extensive fiction this year, classic and modern.  You can be my friend on Goodreads to follow my progress.  My screenname there is rach_elle19.


I’m really excited to read My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares, which was recommended to me by my friend Jaclyn.  (Maybe this mention will get her to finally COMMENT on my blog!)  Here’s the blurb:

Lucy Broward is an ordinary girl growing up in the Virginia suburbs, soon to head off to college.  As she prepares for her last high school dance, she allows herself to hope that this might be the night her elusive crush, Daniel Grey, finally notices her.  As teh events of the night unfold, though, Lucy discovers that Daniel is much more complicated than she is imagined, and perceives that there’s something going on here that she really doesn’t understand.  Why does he call her Sophia?  And why does it make her feel so strange?

Daniel Grey is no ordinary young man.  Daniel has “the memory,” the ability to recall past lives and recognize the souls of those he’s previously known.  And he has spent centuries falling in love with the same girl.  Life after life, crossing continents and dynasties, he and Lucy (despite her changing name and form) have been drawn together — and he remembers it all.  It is both a gift and a curse.  For all the many times they have come together throughout history, they have also been torn painfully, fatally, apart.  A love always too short.

As we watch Daniel and Lucy’s relationship unfold during the present day, interwoven are glimpses of their history together.  From 552 Asia Minor to 1918 England and 1972 Virginia, the two souls share a long and sometimes tortuous path of seeking each other time and again.  But just when Lucy begins to awaken to the secret of her past, to understand her relationship to Sophia, and to understand the true reason for the strength of her attraction to Daniel, the mysterious force that has town them apart in the past reappears.  Ultimately, they must confront not just their complicated history, but a persistent adversary as well, if they are ever to spend a lifetime together.


Sounds pretty good, right (if you ignore the cliched language, which I really hope is from the publisher and not the author)?  You guys know I’m a sucker for a love story.


So everyone, please cross your fingers for me that I don’t crap out!  I really want to write a second book this year.  I’m GOING TO write a second book this year.

13 thoughts on “I’m Going to Write a Second Book This Year, I’m Going to Write a Second Book This Year

  1. I think you’re an excellent writer, Rachel. I’m excited for you — that you’re going again. And l’m excited that you’re on Goodreads. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great list of books! I loved ‘On Writing Well’. I also enjoyed ‘Bird by Bird: Instructions on Writing and Life’ by Anne Lamott.

    Nothing you create is a fluke.

  3. Hi Rachel

    I found your blog via the writing tag, and enjoyed reading “Twenty Five” with real interest. I particularly enjoyed the way you structured the book, allowing the reader to share the viewpoints of both of the protagonists – it enabled me to be able to get to know both of them better as their characters developed during the novel.

    I am a beginning writer too, but unlike you, I am attempting to write non-fiction for publication academic journals. I’d be interested to hear your response to “On Writing Well” when you finish it.

    All the best with your next foray into fiction, I look forward to reading it!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked Twenty-Five! It was definitely a labor of love and still needs some fine tuning in certain spots and major overhauls in others! The switching POV’s actually came in the third draft- the first draft was all Abby, the second draft had Abby’s POV during the first half of the book and Ben’s POV during the second half. But I think it works best going back and forth.

      Non-fiction, especially academic non-fiction, is extremely difficult! I’m impressed! I did a senior thesis in undergrad and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ll definitely let you know how On Writing Well is.

      Thank you again!

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re writing again. I’ll never forget reading Twenty-Five the first time.

    And those sound like some awesome books. You’ll have to let us know what you think.

    1. Thanks Candice! I’ll never forget Love & Marigolds! I miss TNBW sometimes- I’ll definitely be back once I finish another book. Another reason to finish one!

      And I’ll definitely be posting “reviews” of the writing books.

  5. Have I really never left a comment? I guess I’ve always just commented when I see you! Thanks for the shout out and I hope you enjoy the book! I think I had to buy On Writing Well in college – I can look for it if you don’t have a copy already! I’m sure it’s packed up in a box somewhere.

    Can’t wait to hear all about Book #2!!

    1. No you really haven’t! but I knew you were reading so thank you! I can’t wait to read My Name is Memory. I’m reading at least one of the writing books first, but then it will be a break in between. I do have a copy of On Writing Well, I actually bought it a couple of months ago and have yet to read it!

      Brainstorming for book 2 is going well. But I don’t want to post any details about it until the first draft is finished- I don’t want to jinx myself.

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