I Forgot a Title for this One. So Here it is Now.

I don’t want to be one of those people who gives up on their hobby because they don’t have enough time for it.  I really really don’t want to be that person.  And I don’t want writing to be just a hobby for me.  I want it to be a career and a lifestyle.  But I’m torn in a thousand different directions every day and usually writing time is what I have to sacrifice because no one is depending on me to do something  in the writing world.  Everyone seems to need something from me in the real world.  I know I should do it for me, but it’s hard when I know that if I take a half hour to write, I’ll have to ignore the 10 emails in my inbox that have already been waiting all day while I’ve been at work.  And if I start to answer those emails, I have to finish, and usually one answer lends itself to more work.

I want to write!

But I feel guilty when I use my very little free time to work on my writing.  And it has really put a damper on my writing life.  I can’t remember the last time I actually worked on one of my stories.  How does everyone out there do it?  I want more than anything to just stop.  Breathe.  Take out a pen and my notebook.  And spend hours writing.  But when I have the time, I’m too exhausted.  And when I have the ideas I don’t have the time.  I need rejuvenation.  Where does that come from?  How do I get it?

I need help!

A little thing that makes me happy: Bright orange toenail polish.

Milestone Updates: This is my 95th post and there are 29 days until my blogiversary!