Exciting News! #ThanksButImOkay

I’ve been holding this close to my chest (except not really, because I’ve been telling everyone about it) for a while now, but I have BIG news! A while ago my friend, Jax, suggested the idea that she and I do a pop culture vlog together. I loved the idea and we slowly moved forward, excitedly discussing what our vlog would feature and what types of segments we’d film. Around Thanksgiving, we decided a podcast would be better than a vlog because people would be able to listen in their cars and while running errands, etc (also, we can record in our pjs with no makeup which we both considered a huge plus). So, we’re starting a podcast!

Podcast LogoOnce we decided on format, we needed a name. Fortunately, that came fairly easily. Jax and I are both involved in National Novel Writing Month and an incident occurred during this past NaNo that gave us the perfect name. I was super tired at a write-in and laid my head down for a moment. The person sitting next to me began rubbing my shoulders (unprompted by me and without asking). I lifted my head, said “Thanks, but I’m okay,” and laid my head back down. Our friend, Jeremy, later told me that he had been considering saying something when he saw what was happening, but then I handled things on my own just fine. Since then, we’ve used the #ThanksButImOkay as a joke when tweeting each other. It seemed perfect for a pop culture podcast, where you can be sure they’ll be plenty of issues/people/movies/etc that both Jax and I will be completely over.

Our website went live last night, so please check it out when you have a moment: www.thanksbutimokay.com. We’ll be publishing episodes every Tuesday, starting this coming Tuesday, February 3rd. We’re also having a Facebook Launch Party on February 3rd and you’re all invited! Go HERE to join the fun. ¬†We’ll be encouraging everyone to download the first three episodes, we’ll play games, and there’ll be prizes! ¬†Seriously, it’s going to be amazing so check it out.