Wish Me Luck!

I did it!  I got an audition for Bob and the Showgram!  I’m going to be on tomorrow morning from 8:00 to 10:00 AM, filling in as the guest Va-J-J.

I’m so freaking excited I can’t even stand it.

If you don’t live in the Triangle, you can still listen.  Just go to www.bobandtheshowgram.com and click on “Listen Live” between 8 and 10.  After 10 you can listen to the archives (listed under “Audio and Video” then “Showgram on Demand”).  You can also listen to it on iHeartRadio.

Wish me luck!

Guerrilla Warfare

Do you remember back in March when I told you I was on the radio?  Well, back in March, I was on the radio.  I was a member of the studio audience for G105’s morning show, Bob and the Showgram.  Every Friday, they have the Friday Morning Free-For-All with a live studio audience.  Audience members fill out questionnaires prior to the show and then Bob picks who he wants to speak with on the air.  They talked with me for approximately 15 minutes and you can find the audio here.

The other woman you hear in the clip is Kentucky Kristin, who was one of the show’s co-hosts for five years.  Kristin announced last week that she took a new job in Atlanta, so they are looking for a new “Va-J-J.”  Or, in other words, a new female co-host!  I would LOVE this job.  I could totally rock this job.  Problem is, they are having a ton of girls audition for it and I don’t have an audition.  Yet.  I applied/ registered via the show’s website on Saturday.  Then yesterday I sent an email to the show.  Today I posted the link to my segment on the Showgram’s facebook wall in the hopes that some of the listeners would check it out and support my plea for an audition.

It’s guerrilla warfare, baby.  I’m going to wear them down.  I’m going to be so persistent that they are going to give me an audition out of pure exhaustion.  At least that’s the plan for now.  Wish me luck!

Almost Famous

Okay, I admit it, I’m an attention whore.  I love it, I crave it.  I try really hard not to beg for it, but when there’s a chance to display myself in a way that I think will receive positive attention, I’m all about it.

I sing karaoke every chance I get.  I have a decent voice, not amazing or anything, but in a room full of drunk people you’d think I was Kelly Clarkson or someone similar.  Hearing the announcer call my name, walking up to the microphone, and waiting for those first few notes, yeah I feel nervous.  But almost as soon as I start singing, I just feel happy.  And when I put the microphone back on the stand, do my little appreciative wave and nod to the audience, and head back to my seat, I’m elated.  On a “yeah, I just kicked ass” high.  It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.  Especially if my friends tell me I sounded good!

In high school I did a lot of community theater.  My school didn’t have the funds or the interest for a real drama group or musical theater, so I participated in every community production I could find.  Sometimes I worked backstage and sometimes onstage.  I loved every minute of it.  I loved the costumes and scenery and the audience and getting up on stage and feeling the butterflies in my stomach.

This past Friday I had the chance to display myself on another medium- radio!  I signed up to be in the studio audience of a local morning radio show and the show’s host always chooses a few people from the audience to talk to on air based on questionnaires we had to fill out before hand.  When I was filling out my questionnaire I thought there was no way they’d put me on the air- I’m so boring!  But they did!  And I think I did a pretty good job.  I did sound nervous at the beginning, but it got easier, and they talked to me for a long time- almost 15 minutes.

So I walked into work today (for the ortho) and several of the employees at the dentists’ office where we go four times a month mentioned my fifteen minutes of radio fame!  One of our patients had heard me and told her mom, who works for one of the dentists.  She called the office and told the receptionist.  And a different patient’s mother stopped before leaving and said “Were you the one on the radio?”

I may never be famous for writing or wedding planning or anything else.  But I felt almost famous today, and it was kinda cool.