The Road Ahead

Well, well, well.  It’s that time again – time to say goodbye to the past year and hello to the new one.  2014 was big for me.  I published my second book, gained two new nieces, got a tattoo, turned 30, and visited London for the first time – several dreams come true (just not the turning 30 part).

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I also finished the first draft of what is going to be my third published book: Junie’s Confession, the second book in the Lark series.  I’ve been getting great feedback from the first book, Honor’s Lark, and I’m excited to see what people think about this next installment.  I’ll be spending the next several months performing extensive edits, with a goal to publish on July 15th, 2015!

That’s right, friends, my next book will be out on July 15th!




I’ve got other big plans for this year.  In addition to publishing Junie’s Confession, my goal is to blog once a week (look for a new post every Wednesday) and write two new first drafts.  One of those drafts will be book three in the Lark series and the other will be a new, stand-alone, romantic comedy.  If you’re good boys and girls, I’ll post excerpts and milestones as I go 🙂


I’ll also have a BIG announcement in a couple of weeks about an exciting new project, so keep your eyes open.


2015 is going to be amazing!


So, it’s 2010…

Another year begins.

I have no idea what this year is going to bring.  I wish I did.  I only know a few things.

1.) I’m going to (try to) be a better person.  I’m going to try and be less selfish, less moody, less sad.

2.) I’m going to (try to) stop doubting myself.  I wrote a book.  Not everyone can do that.  Even if I can’t finish a second book, writing one is a huge accomplishment.  It may never get published, but if it doesn’t, who cares?  People have read it and like it.  That’s enough.

3.) Life is hard.  A new year doesn’t necessarily bring a fresh start or a bright, shiny new life.

4.) The only person I can rely on is me.  I have to make things happen for me if I want them to happen to me.

5.) I’m going to be a nomad again for a while.  My house-sitting gig has kicked back in.  WAY better than living with my parents seven days a week.

So, it’s 2010.  Life soldiers on.  I’m the same person I was in 2009, but hopefully this year will bring about some happy changes.  For me and for you.