Chick Lit Rocks!


We all know chick lit rocks.  You wouldn’t be here, reading this post if you didn’t think so, right?  Well, you’re in luck because all of the blogs today are featuring playlists to go along with their awesome novels!

I’m featuring Honor’s Lark once again.  This was a really easy post for me, since I already had a playlist made up for the book.  Writing Honor was very natural, because I understand a lot of the issues she’s facing in her life – feeling lonely, unloved, unaccomplished.  This playlist was the music I was listening to while writing, the music that spoke to me about those feelings.

The main song on the Honor’s Lark playlist is “I Choose You” by Andy Grammer.  Andy is definitely my favorite male solo artist.  My friends know him as my future husband! He has a stage presence that’s fun, energetic, and a little crazy (but not CRAZY crazy).  At the same time, he can sing a love song with intense emotion.  “I Choose You” is all about the idea that each individual has the option to choose the person that is right for them.  As he says in the song, we don’t get to choose our heights or our ethnicity, but we do get to choose the person we love. This song was a huge inspiration for me when writing the book, because the world it takes place in believes the opposite: that who you love is destined and you have no say in the matter.  Honor and Sedric are determined to have their say.

If this playlist were a soundtrack to the Honor’s Lark movie (which doesn’t exist, but totally should), this song would play in the trailer and during the climatic scene where… haha, I’m not going to spoil what happens!

Other songs on my Honor’s Lark playlist:

  1. “Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me,” by Hunter Hayes – If Honor’s Lark were a movie, this song would play over the opening credits.
  2. “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely,” by The Band Perry
  3. “Everyone is Gay” by A Great Big World – this song might not actually appear in the Honor’s Lark movie, but maybe in one of the sequels.  I based my world on the idea that there is no concept of heterosexuality or homosexuality.  Same-sex and opposite-sex couples are treated equally and respected equally by society.
  4. “Burn,” by Kat Robichaud (and The Design)
  5. “Where I Stood,” by Missy Higgins – this song would play when Honor dances for Sedric for the first time
  6. “Back Home,” by Andy Grammer – this song would play when Honor goes to visit her family
  7. “Drunk Last Night,” by Eli Young Band
  8. “Rockstar” by A Great Big World
  9. “Burn” by Ellie Goulding
  10. “I Choose You” by Andy Grammer
  11. “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” by Eli Young Band – this song would play when Honor has to make a choice about her career.
  12. “Kiss Me Slowly,” by Parachute – this song would play over the end credits

Honor is also a fan of classical music, because of her dance background, but since she lives in a different world/universe, her classical composers wouldn’t be the same as ours.  Think of composers similar to Beethoven and Chopin.  I didn’t add any to my playlist, but let me know in the comments if you have any favorites!

To listen to the entire playlist, check it out on Spotify!


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