My Friend is Having a Baby!

I spent the weekend in Fayetteville with my good friend Ashley and her husband waiting for their baby to kick!  It was a lot of fun, but as of yet, baby Gracyn doesn’t like her Aunt Rach.  She only kicked for me twice 😦  And the next time I see them, she’ll be out of her active phase because she’ll be so much bigger.  But that’s okay, I may get to go down in a couple of weeks to see the 3D ultrasound, which I’m super excited about!

I’ve known Ashley since we were 6 years old.  It’s so crazy that she’s having a baby!  But I’m really excited. We went looking for baby clothes because she had another friend’s baby shower to attend and I ended up buying Gracyn the CUTEST shoes ever.  I’m so excited to see her wearing them. Ashley’s shower is at the end of March, so I’ll try and post some more pictures then.